Website Development

Website Development


We are committed to developing high quality graphics websites that will attract and keep your target audience engaged in your website. With our website development we ensure that people who visit your website find what they are looking for in a quick and easy fashion. A large percentage of people visit websites before deciding to do business with them. Our job is to keep them engaged by developing content rich pages and stylish designs that will make these people take the necessary action to drive business your way. If you are needing other services to be included please also see our full list of online digital marketing services

How do we achieve this?

  • To ensure that we have your vision in place, we will meet with you to discuss your website development project plan
  • We discuss your top priorities and insert this into our development plan
  • From there we develop a baseline structure of your website as well as all urls and page needs
  • We develop a skeleton of your new website with a design, layout, buttons, images and other funnels
  • We will also setup your company up in our project management tool that you have full access to review any tasks we are working on 
  • All completed documents and reports will be uploaded to the project management tool and discussed on calls or in person meetings  


Establishing your brand and what you want to accomplish with the website is the first step. From there we will use a tactical website development plan to execute your needs. Knowing who your target audience is and what their needs are is vital to the strategy of any website  project. 

In order to deliver the best website we can, online research must be conducted to learn what makes people visit and stay on a website. Our team will handle this so that we are aligned with your market.

So that we can ensure your website is designed to grow along with your growing business needs, we construct a monthly task list in a project management system. The tasks we create follow a seamless website development process that ensures we miss nothing. the average time from start to finish of say a wordpress website is approximately 2 months. 

Often clients ask us the question about what they need to give us during a website project. What we require is that you send us all necessary files like bio images or images of your business. We also require that you either write the content for us or we write it for you. One other thing is that we request you spend time reviewing the site so that it fits inline with your needs. 

A Few Examples of Our Website Development Projects

Website Development Checklist:

  • Research and Analysis of Industry 
  • Discussion of Client Needs
  • Development of Website Framework Design
  • Approval From Client
  • Development of URL Structure
  • Development of Website Content
  • Setup of WordPress Theme
  • Work With Client To Ensure All Website Needs Are Implemented
  • Development of Website Takes Approx 5 Weeks