Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization is one of the most vital channels in any organizations digital marketing experience. With SEO, a company can setup their websites using Google tactics and promote their brand online. Online Digital Pros uses these tactics to develop specific tasks to enable companies to reach goals and increase not only traffic, but their online visibility as well. 

How do we achieve this?

  • We do a free complete website evaluation using our search engine optimization tools (these can cost up to $250 at other agencies)
  • We discuss your top priorities and insert this into our complete plan for your company
  • From there we develop a complete plan that will help you understand what you are missing
  • The plan consists of a complete online research report where we discover your current keyword rankings and off page visibility
  • We develop a SEO monthly task list that focuses on on your technical, on page and off page needs
  • We set your company up in our project management tool that you have full access to review any tasks we are working on 
  • All documents and reports will be uploaded to the project management tool and discussed on calls or in person meetings  
  • We develop a comprehensive monthly content marketing process to ensure your off page visibility improves

Search Engine Optimization Process

A successful SEO strategy is a key part on the way to the success of your company. It sets up a solid platform for everything, so it is so important to develop the exact solution that will allow you to beat the competitors and enter the market with those services and goods that will be in demand. Everyone can use the services of a strong planning and building digital marketing agency, from a small business owner to a large corporation. We will develop the most successful SEO strategy that will allow your business develop and prosper for many years to come.

Most agencies do not take the time to investigate what is really going on in your industry. At ODP we offer a unique service that uses online marketing tools that dives deep into the strategies of your competitors and where your company is currently situated online. We offer you to take advantage of unique approaches that will help you maintain a balance in the volatile online world of your industry.

We have vast experience in creating successful monthly tasks for your company. We are different then any other agency in that our tasks are dependent on only what your are missing. Below are twp examples of how we operate:

1.) Should you only need off page SEO, then we concentrate on specifically that.

2.) Should you only need technical SEO , then we concentrate on specifically that.

Take advantage of our search engine optimization services to ensure the development of your business and understand the most important directions.

It is extremely important for an online digital agency to keep their clients up to date on all monthly tasks and deliverables. Included in our SEO projects is a project management tool that you can login to and view everything that is going on. We train you, show you our timelines and deliver. 

At the start of every SEO campaign, you will receive a baseline report which shows your current status. In this report we show you your current traffic, keyword rankings, on page and off page presence as well as identify any missing KPIs (key performance indicator) you require. From there, each month you will receive a report with all the data relating to each kpi and a discussion of progress of the project. Our motto is to be 100% transparent. 

search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization Checklist:

  • Research and Analysis
  • Discussion of Client Objectives
  • Development of Plan
  • Implementation of Plan
  • Setup of Keywords and Analytics
  • Setup of Content Marketing
  • Setup of Off Page Tactics
  • SEO Diagnostics
  • Link Building
  • Algorthimic and Google Optimization
  • Results

See some of our top clients Year over Year Search Engine Optimization results achieved: