Pay Per Click Advertising/SEM

Pay Per Click Advertising/SEM


Pay Per Click Advertising or SEM is it is commonly known as is a paid Google advertising service that a company sets a daily budget and advertises their products. Online Digital Pros is an expert digital agency that provides these SEM services to all types of organizations. What makes our service different is that we have the lowest management fees on your budget spends. In addition we use our 15 years of experience to setup complete campaigns and only focus on your top priority products or services.

How do we achieve this?

  • We sit down with you and discuss your business objectives and goals and research your competition and possible recommended budgets
  • From here we use our expertise and pay per click evaluation tools to develop our plan
  • The plan consists of a detailed analysis of your top keywords, billing structures, ad copy and GEO targeting to setup
  • We develop display advertising banners that will attract customers using retargeting channels
  • We setup your Google Adwords accounts, billing, ad copy, targeted keyword list, sitelinks, conversion funnels and landing page optimizations
  • We set your company up in our project management tool that you have full access to review any tasks we are working on 
  • All documents and reports will be uploaded to the project management tool and discussed on calls or in person meetings  
  • Every day your pay per click campaign will be optimized with an expert project manager so that we all reach the same goal – that is to drive traffic and conversions

Pay Per Click (PPC) Process

In order to create a successful PPC strategy you have to have the right systems and ideas in place. Our strategy is simple – research, setup a strong campaign, don’t waste our clients budgets, optimize and deliver results.

The key to every successful PPC campaign is to know your market and know what your competitors are doing. with our online research tactics we are able to identify competitive bidding and targeting, and improve ours so that we are at the top spots in Google ads.

Our task list combines our expertise and industry knowledge to give you a detailed plan of attack. We surpass your competitors with stronger ads, better keyword bidding and much more. We keep to the plan unless we have to change certain tasks to keep up with any industry changes. 

Many times we hear that clients do not get access to Google Adwords or know what is going on with their pay per click advertising campaigns. At ODP we are transparent and you will see exactly what we are working on a daily basis.

Google Adwords has a great reporting tool and we use this as well as our own tools to give you detailed and focused reporting every month. Should you wish to get a report of any kind throughout the month, we can provide this easily to you.

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Pay Per Click Advertising Checklist:

  • Competitive Research and Analysis
  • Discussion of Client Goals
  • Development of PPC Plan
  • Implementation of Plan to Adwords
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • GEO Targeting
  • Bidding, Analysis, Results