Content Marketing

Content Marketing


We recognize the importance of high quality content writing in order to get your page viewed and win at SEO. Our content writers are dedicated to showcase your business and capture your targeted audience. Our strategic approach to content is creative and our proven results show how we are able to establish that human connection to help connect people with your brand. We take your ideas and concepts and turn them into persuasive, well-structured content that will drive in the results you expect from us.

How do we achieve this?

  • We discuss your top priorities and insert this into our content marketing plan for your company
  • We research key components of what needs to be written
  • We develop 200-300 words of content per page
  • We have you approve the content or make necessary changes and implement it to your website or social channel
  • All documents and reports will be uploaded to the project management tool and discussed on calls or in person meetings  

Content Marketing Process

Once we have established your goals and identified your target audience, we will tailor design your content that fits your needs to reach your goals.

Once we have established the type of content needed we analyze, review and research the relevant topics. We use this review to compile a report that will be used in the creation of the content.

Our creative team will work hand in hand with you to design and create the content based on our research and your input.

This process is done through social media, email marketing, paid search and even blogger outreach. The promotion of the content is a vital part that ensures maximum exposure.

This analysis gives us insight into how relevant the content is and how its been viewed and used. More content is not a substitute for better content. Our main objective is to keep ensuring we deliver relevant content to the right people and track what impact it has on your business.

Content Marketing Checklist:

  • Research and Analysis
  • Discussion of Client Objectives
  • Development of Content Marketing Plan
  • Implementation of Plan
  • Setup of Anchor Text Keywords 
  • Develop Citation Content Links
  • Setup of Links
  • Results